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Nearbuyer and the idea behind it

The idea behind Nearbuyer is to make local products from stationary retailers discoverable online. The portal shows consumers a local alternative to online retailers and highlights the strengths of the local retailers. By searching for products and stores, the customer always has an overview of the participating retailers and the latest products directly in their vicinity.


The advantages of stationary trade

The advantages of stationary trade are obvious:

  • Direct availability
  • Excellent and individual advice
  • Savings on unnecessary transport and packaging costs
  • Preserving the townscape
  • Preservation of local culture and livelihoods

You want to join us as a trader?

As a stationary trader, but also as a gastronome or service provider, you can start for free with Nearbuyer. You can digitize your products quickly and easily via the browser or an app and present them here. Do you want even more? - With mapAds, you not only bring your products to Nearbuyer, but can also show them to consumers directly in your vicinity via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google.

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How can I help as a private person?

Support local trade by buying products locally from your local retailer. Check the availability on Nearbuyer and simply drop by the retailer.